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JReporter: Community Engagement, Breaking News and a Revenue Stream

Keeping your community engaged is your major challenge and major opportunity, and it’s all about local. The goal of any media company is to become the place Where the Community Comes to Learn About Itself.™

The tool to do so is no longer a website, no longer a printed product, it is a mobile device with a single cross-platform app that engages your community in a conversation with you.

JReporter from JJCS is that app.

Watch this fast-paced two minute video.Download the factsheet.Call for a demo.

JReporter Advantages

Fastest, easiest way to get breaking news
Built-in revenue opportunities
Community Building
You Own the Content
On location Instant Reporting

The Team

Experienced successful management together with bright can-do engineering keeps JJCS on everyone’s radar as the trustworthy company for products, services, innovation and integrity.


Thirty-years providing products and services across verticals and across the world. From the innovative EXPRESSWAY family of products through the mobile applications of today. Innovation, based on deep industry knowledge, continues.

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