Revenue Stream

The days of discussing cost savings at a media company are gone, long gone. We, as an industry, have learned that one can cut expenses to zero, but if there is no revenue stream. there is no success. The defining property of JReporter during our product specifications phase was that it must provide a revenue stream. If JReporter did not provide a revenue stream it could not be a success.

JReporter provides three avenues for revenue: traditional banner ads throughout the app, a reward for performance program that can be used for promotions as well as newsgathering, and sponsorship opportunities.

The goal of any product is to be profitable on day one of its implementation. JReporter from JJCS can be that product.

As part of your product investigation, speak with our business development specialist on how to make JReporter profitable from day one and engage both your customers and your advertisers.The most popular 2017 spy software applications for the mobile phones.