NewsReaders and Responsive Web Sites

JReporter can be the single app for your entire media company. Dedicated newsreader apps will become, and should become a thing of the past. The burden on the news company to format their content across differing formats and platforms is expensive, dilutes the brand and loses the media company’s look and feel.

The correct answer is an HTML5 solution for a responsive website. JReporter’s headline feed and internal web browser keep the customer within the media company’s app, reduce production costs because the responsive website technology correctly formats content across display formats, lowers costs, concentrates the brand and preserves the look and feel.

JJCS has the in house expertise to build a responsive website that is appropriate for your desktop/laptop users, tablet users and smart phone users. When used together with JReporter, you have a single mobile app that provides access to your entire offering, generates revenue and provides opportunities for a reward based engagement program.

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