It’s All About Local and it’s All Local

JReporter: Broadspectrum Mobile App for News Media and B2C

It’s all about local.

Keeping your community engaged is your major challenge and major opportunity, and it’s all about local. The goal of any media company is to become the place Where the Community Comes to Learn About Itself.

The tool to do so is no longer a website, no longer a printed product, it is a mobile device with a single cross-platform app that engages your community in a conversation with you.

JReporter from JJCS is that app.

Using JReporter your users read your headlines and stories, receive alerts about breaking news, and have opportunities to become contributors, enter contests and stay involved.

With JReporter you can offer your advertisers a unique advertising opportunity. Your advertisers can be certain their ads will appear at the right time and place to the correct audience.

JReporter’s GPS-targeted messaging allows you to send directed messages to everyone near a news event, or everyone who is not near a news event. With JReporter’s targeted messaging you can send dozens, even hundreds of directed messages without fear of reader fatigue. Your JReporter users will look forward to receiving alerts from you because they know they’re relevant.

In response to your targeted alerts, JReporter users will respond with content that is on target, categorized and can flow directly into your editorial CMS.

As a newsreader, JReporter encourages you to produce news content in a single format that can be read across devices. Don’t create one format for your newsreader, another for your mobile readers and still a third format for your desktop readers. As strong proponents of HTML5, JJCS provides the know-how and expertise to make this a reality.
As a news media organization. you face the conflicting challenges of needing more and more content for your digital presence, which must turn over faster and faster, together with the contrasting challenge of producing this content with a smaller lower-cost newsgathering organization.

JReporter from JJCS is the mobile app from the company with 30 years of industry experience. We understand the news media business.

Return to being the center of your community and a focus of your marketplace.

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User generated content is now an accepted newsgathering method.  Since its earliest design phase, JReporter has incorporated content validation and vetting standards beyond those which are currently under discussion.

Media companies need for user-generated content is both broad and critical.Learn More

Revenue Stream

You can cut expenses to zero, but if there is no revenue stream, then there is no success.

JReporter provides three avenues for revenue: traditional banner ads throughout the app, a reward for performance program that can be used for promotions as well as newsgathering, and sponsorship opportunities.

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Skip the Newsreader

JReporter can be the single app for your entire media company.  The burden on the news company to format their content across differing formats and platforms is expensive, dilutes the brand and loses the media company’s look and feel.

JReporter and a responsive design formats content across display formats, lowers costs, concentrates the brand and preserves the look and feel.

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The value of your advertising is based on your ability to target customers. With JReporter’s targeting ability, you can target recipients of advertising and coupons based on location, time of day, day of week, gender and age.

Speak with our business development specialist about engaging your advertisers and becoming the center of your community and the focus of your market.

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