We are a trustworthy partner with the correct mix of senior, seasoned professionals and newly educated rising stars. JJCS is the company that you want to work with.

In continuous business for more than 30 years, JJCS has provided products and expertise to the largest corporations and media companies around the world and provides those same benfits to the smallest organizations, whether stable and established or new and growing.

Our newest line of products takes our media-company expertise and applies it to the mobile world. JReporter is the first product in the line. While most other products in the marketplace are static and provide limited functionality, which does not reflect the breadth of the sponsoring organization, JReporter reflects our comprehensive knowledge of the media business: not just the technical mechanics, but the business of a media company.

That’s why, when you look at JReporter, you see a multidimensional application that reflects a media company’s business: from customer engagement, to a revenue stream, to establishing a conversation between the user and the media.

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